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Piero Spada

Piero Spada is a Specialist in Cold Climate Wine Production providing consultative services throughout the Midwest.

Whether it’s maximizing a grape’s potential in the vineyard or actualizing that potential in the cellar, Piero enjoys helping his clients to develop and define their own unique vintner fingerprint.

Piero’s passion for wine stems from the intersection of his deep-rooted Italian heritage and his inherent interest in the biological sciences.

Piero received his BS in Biology from UW-Madison, and received his MS from Cornell’s Viticulture & Enology program.



Piero is a full-blooded Wisconsinite with a passion for grapes and wine. As a scientist first, he understands the physiology at the core of winemaking. He also subscribes to the art form inherent in the process; if the vineyard is the soul of winemaking, wine is at the heart. And as with most things in life, balance is key.

Piero enjoys working with good people to help translate the terroir of a grape into a bottle, and helping the winemaker craft their own fingerprint. His unique blend of focused academic training, hands-on experience, and research and development knowledge, round-out his expertise and leaves no stone unturned.

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From soil to wine


Vineyard & Winery
Cold Climate Wine

  • Provide Quality Control Assurance to Limit Losses to your Bottom Line
  • Assist with Winery Design, Purchase of Production Equipment, and General Initial Set Up
  • Supervise and Monitor Wine Fermentation and Aging Processes
  • Provide Harvest & Crush Strategies
  • Recommend Appropriate Yeasts and Enological Techniques
  • Train and Provide You with Analytical Lab Protocols
  • Create and Establish Wine Portfolios
  • Guidance in Vineyard Establishment
  • Identifying and Implementing Cultural Practices in Vineyard to Maximize Grape Quality
  • Recommendations on IPM Spray Programs
  • Specializing Expertise in Cold Climate Grapes & Wine
  • Guidance on Fruit Wine and Hard Cider Production
  • An Engaging Speaker and Writer who Makes Wine Science Actionable
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