Vineyard & Winery
Cold Climate Wine

  • Provide Quality Control Assurance to Limit Losses to your Bottom Line
  • Assist with Winery Design, Purchase of Production Equipment, and General Initial Set Up
  • Supervise and Monitor Wine Fermentation and Aging Processes
  • Provide Harvest & Crush Strategies
  • Recommend Appropriate Yeasts and Enological Techniques
  • Train and Provide You with Analytical Lab Protocols
  • Create and Establish Wine Portfolios
  • Guidance in Vineyard Establishment
  • Identifying and Implementing Cultural Practices in Vineyard to Maximize Grape Quality
  • Recommendations on IPM Spray Programs
  • Specializing Expertise in Cold Climate Grapes & Wine
  • Guidance on Fruit Wine and Hard Cider Production
  • An Engaging Speaker and Writer who Makes Wine Science Actionable